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Ranjit Singh

A park that used to belong to the great Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab and which was later ruined by the British has been revived by the state government.

The Rambagh has been reopened for the populace today. Thankfully the old Municipality Press and the Primary School are invigorated.

Navjot Singh Sidhu the Minister of Local Bodies in the state, is taking the credit for this restoration of the historic building.

Today, this momentous park of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was inaugurated by the Cooperation Commissioner Sonali Giri.

Sidhu, on this occasion talking to the press personnel said, “To breathe life into the city’s cultural side we are going to restore 12 historically sound Gates, which will soon be presented to the public.”

“To make Amritsar a Tourist-Hub, the Chief Minister is going to make big announcements on 15th of this month,” said Sidhu.

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