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Mahara Ranjit Singh

Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s wife Maharani Jind Kaur or as she is famous, Maharani Jinda’s necklace has recently been auctioned for 187,000 pounds or 1.78 crore rupees.

The auction was organized in London of England, under the banner of ‘Bonhams Islamic and Indian art sale’.

Actual price of the piece of Jewelry was said to be around 80,000 to 120,000 pounds, but thanks to the historic importance of the jewelry it was sold for much more than its actual cost.

As per the auction house, they have sold things related to Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s time for as much as 18.18 lac pounds.

If the auctioneers are to believe the necklace sold was the one, the great Maharani used to wear.

“It belonged to the era of King Ranjit Singh of Punjab and the necklace was found from the Lahore’s treasure of the great king”, claimed a spokesperson of the auction house.

Many historic paintings and other historic ornaments were sold during this sale too.

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