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Indian-American Democratic Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris was interrupted on-stage by an animal rights protester.

Harris is one of 14 presidential candidates in San Francisco for the California Democratic Convention and other campaign stops.

Indian and Jamaican descent Ms. Kamala Harris appeared confused but remained composed as the protester grabbed the mic from her hand.

The man identified as Aidan Cook is an animal rights protester. He grabbed the mic from Harris’s hand and said, “We were protesting just a few minutes ago asking for your attention to a much bigger idea ….”, as the moderator tried to intervene.

Security jumped onto the stage as the Senator calmly walked away from the protester.

An animal rights group called Direct Action Everywhere issued a news release claiming responsibility for the incident.

According to reports, after the incident, Senator Cory Booker, who is also a contender in the presidential race said, “He crossed a line, this election’s going to go on and I’m really hoping that we see Secret Service and others begin to step in because that really could have been a horrifying moment. Kamala’s like a sister to me, I love her and that makes me very upset.”

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