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Khaira and Mann

Sukhpal Singh Khaira held a meeting at the crib of Bhagwant Mann, Sangrur where huge chaos erupted when Sarpanch Inderpal Singh started talking in favor of Arvind Kejriwal.

He faced huge criticism by Khaira supporters who turned hostile and started raising slogans against Bhagwant Mann.

Feeling the pressure Inderpal and his followers started raising slogans in favor of Bhagwant Mann and Arvinder Kejriwal and against Khaira.

Thankfully, before the situation could turn violent, Sarpanch and his supporters were forcefully removed from the meeting by police personnel.

Singh and his followers then shouting slogans outside the meeting hall, registered their frustration on various news channel’s cameras.

A furious Inderpal Singh claimed that at the outset, Sukhpal Khaira came two hours late, he was supposed to reach here at 10, he came at 12, then we were not given a chance to talk at all.

Bhagwant Mann’s supporter said, “Khaira did not like when I praised Arvind Kejriwal’s hard work, and I was thrown out.

“I simply asked him to work hard as Kerjriwal on ground level as AAP Supremo on which he muted my microphone, snatched it and thrown me out,” concluded Singh.

Here’s the video;

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