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(Tanu Deep) You must be hearing and seeing the this annoying thing named #MeToo on the internet and in the newspapers too.

Some of you must have already dug up what this whole hype is about, kudos, to you, by the by, for people who don’t know it yet, we are here to explain.

His-Story, Actually Her-Story   

This is the topic which has caught attention at world level.

Just briefing about the history from where its seeds were sown.

This issue initially caught attention when Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano encouraged spreading the hashtag;  #MeToo.

This hashtag was an attempt to draw attention  of the world to an alleged sexual assault against an American film producer-Harvey Weinstein on October 15, 2017.

Since then, specifically women, have been tweeting under the hashtag of “Me Too” whenever they feel like presenting their “assault stories”.

What Does That Even Mean?

The significance of “Me Too” means to highlight the sexual harassment and sexual assault especially at your workplace.

This is a good aspect that women all over the world are coming in support of it and bringing to notice all kinds of sexual harassment and assault done to them of various kinds and at various places.


But the question arises: Is every women trustworthy? Can the claims be justified just, on the basis of mere verbal statements?

I mean, many can be publicity stunts as well, because the accused mostly are famous actors, directors or politicians.

Or we can also say that only those who are accused, are in limelight, and most of the stars (former) who are making claims have outlived  their shine and are living in dark since long.

What is there for media?

#MeToo is a western, popular movement, Indians were crazy about the #KikiChallenge where they died and that made quite a lot headlines.

This neo-western trend is way easier and safer than Kiki so, along Kiki everyone is happy  to take it.

TV shows what people want to see, #MeToo increases the Television Rating Point(TRP) of the news channel and the subscriptions of channels on Youtube.


We are well aware of the fact that we have many drama queens in the Bollywood who can do and claim anything for their two-cents of fame.

Tons of episodes of Savdhaan India are based on the fact that women misuse the laws about sexual harassment and abuse.

Not only this but they tend to blackmail men for money or even for marriage also.

So, can whole of men community be labeled as assaulters and unsafe to be around?

One can’t deny the fact that women get assaulted at their workplaces or at every public place, I must say.

But, the point that we all need to ponder over is that without proper trial you cannot declare someone a molester.

This is not how vigilant justice works.

The reason behind, can be because it can have very detrimental effects on the personal life, life time earned reputation or even career of the accused, assassinating characters are, too dangerous a game.

The film stars can bear but, what about the common innocent man who has done nothing but will have to tolerate the allegations that are hash tagged under “Me Too”.

Every being on this planet is socially active on internet sites and one cannot shatter one’s repo, in just an eye blink.


This was all about girls.

However, now we need to think- Are only females being molested or Is there any chance at all of Boys being molested?

This is almost an impossible thought to ruminate- Can a Man be molested by Woman as well?

It might be shocking to think beyond our context of exposure or statistics.

But recently we get know about a suicide committed by a man because his female colleague was torturing him to have sexual relationships with her.

She allegedly use to blackmail him and threaten him that she would file a case against him for not meeting her demands.

The event took place in Mumbai.

Isn’t it impossible to imagine?

Nonetheless, all this happened because there is an enlarged wave of ‘Me Too’ throughout the world.

Indian society is obsessed with ‘being carried away’ easily.

Whenever, a popular movement starts, we are the first to hop in like mad bunnies.

Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption can be quoted here, as an example.

Where is he now by the way?

Landing Back To Topic

Other important frame of reference which must be spoken out loud, is about the senior actresses such as Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut’s personal experiences.

Both of them have openly accepted about their casting couch and now they have neither said nor tweeted anything about their harassment or assault.


It’s been done by those such as Tanushree Dutta who are away from the glittering world of limelight, can this be, some kind of publicity stunt?

Men! Because who Else Will Stay Silent?

Okay, why no one is talking about men here?

The industry is full of gays, there must be many stories where men must have been molested too.

Where are all the men? Why aren’t they taking part in this movement?

Again where are all the, not so glossy girls?

Actually, there are more of tweets by the common women on common men.

Secondly, there are no tweets of sex workers getting any kind of attention but as it is known that this is the most harassed section of society.


All in all, we can say that the media and the society is targeting only specific cases, a big question mark is still hanging on the edge of “what about the rest cases?”

This moment not about women being harassed by men, or men being harassed by women, it is about the harassment itself, which I believe is lost somewhere!


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