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OTTAWA: This Sunday, if you are planning to wake up, you might want to set up a backup alarm before you go to bed: Hydro Ottawa is scheduling a short time power cut to about 50,000 consumers.

The power outage is planned from 4 am to 4:30 am on Sunday.

This will affect people who reside in Nepean, Barrhaven and other parts of Ottawa, who get their power from the Merivale transformer station.

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The neighbourhoods which will be affected are Woodroffe, Fallowfield, Hinchey, Lincoln Heights and Richmond South.

Hydro Ottawa said, “The outage will be only momentary for some.”

In the September 21 tornadoes, the station which was fatally damaged caused prolonged power outages across the city and work is required to continue repairs.

The transformer station has been depending on provisional measures since then, said Hydro Ottawa.

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