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capt amarinder singh

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh Thursday insinuated of changing his cabinet colleague Navjot Singh Sidhu’s portfolio.

Amarinder earlier in the day blamed the local bodies minister Navjot Singh Sidhu for Congress party’s poor performance in rural areas.

“Urban vote bank has been our backbone in Punjab but Sidhu’s failure to do development work impacted the party,” said Punjab CM.

In an interview, when asked about whether the party high command was on the same page, Singh said, “I raised the issue some months back and it was decided that decision would be taken after the elections.”

Moreover, Amarinder said that he was confident that party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi and president Rahul Gandhi would agree with his views in the interest of party and state.

Navjot Sidhu’s ill-timed remarks ahead of polling in Punjab may have affected the performance of the party in Bathinda, added Capt Amarinder Singh.

“We lost the Bathinda seat due to his ill-timed statement. Sidhu has not been able to handle his department. We have not done well in urban seats such as Sangrur, Bathinda and Hoshiarpur as the local government department headed by him did not do any development work. He is a non-performer. I will take up the issue with the high command once things settle down,” Amarinder added.

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