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(Boney Bindra) Sukhpal Singh Khaira went live on Facebook after he and his deputy Kanwar Sandhu were suspended from the party.

The MLA Bholath was clearly nervous, somewhat anxious and a whole lot furious in his latest live.

It was clear that neither Khaira nor Sandhu was expecting a move this extreme from party headquarters.

The usual grace and confidence was gone from the voice of Khaira, who clearly was not taking this action well enough.

First he requested his fans not to worry at all from this suspension. Khaira believed that there are no need to worry as what happened is probably for the best.

Then attacking on Kejriwal he claimed that NRI Funded the party with millions of dollars but Kejriwal failed them (NRIs) all.

“During his swearing-in ceremony as CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal said, no one should be arrogant now, but on the contrary he himself is a high headed person. He talked about Swaraj but didn’t gave us that either,” said a worried Khaira.

As usual, Sukhpal Singh recalled how other leaders of the party were removed one after another.

Throwing jabs at Kejriwal Khaira claims that the AAP convener by and large knows about the corruption happened during elections of 2017 in Punjab.

“The Donation wasn’t either used for the election purposes or campaigns, Kanwar Sandhu is investigating the matter and soon come up with a report,” said Khaira.

Then again going in a softer tone, Khaira said, “What they did, they did, what shall we do now?”

The previous Leader of Opposition of Punjab claimed that first Akalies then Congressmen and Arvind Kejriwal wants to shut his voice down which is voice of Punjab.

He claimed that unity actions were a drama narrated by Aam Adami Party too, just to become righteous in the court of people.

“Declaration of Member Parliament candidates showed how serious were they for making peace, they are liars that’s why they cannot be trusted” said Khaira.

The ex-congressman said, what shall they do now, should they bring together leaders of like-minded parties under a grand alliance?

The calling in of Bargadi Insaaf protest leaders was mentioned too, “shall we called them also to make it a religious front, so that Akalies can be tackled?” said he.

Singh claimed that he wanted them to be united under one roof, that’s why he was suggesting autonomy, for the grand alliance, so that they could win all the 13 MP seats of  Punjab.

“Congratulations on the sacking, they helped me with this decision of theirs, this will us in breaking the shackles of Gulami and will help us in growing larger,” claimed Khaira.

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