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White House

Adding on the list of bizarre things United State of America would say under the reign of President Trump, came out another gem from the White House.

In a fresh statement USA has declared that they only want, ‘highly-skilled workers’ to be using H-1B visa for staying on their land.

Mind you this H-1B visa which is very popular among in Indian IT professionals, who will be taking a strong jolt after this statement.

“Rather than just outsourcing roles, we want highly-skilled people with us,” cleared the White House.

Nonetheless that is not what may affect you but, “this is what will”, authorities are thinking and signifying that they want to ban the H-4 visa too.

The H-4 visa allows the spouses of the H-1B visa possessors to work on the soil of USA.

As per Chris Liddell, White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy Coordination, “He (Trump) wants to find wants highly educated people, like graduates to stay in the country. He sees this element of immigration very positive.”

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