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Member Parliament from Patiala, Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi was present at Chandigarh today to meet the Governor of Punjab, along with other Sikh leaders regarding the arrest of the culprits of sacrilege  cases.

Talking to Global Punjab TV Dr. Gandhi confessed that he has not been approached formally for a possible return into the party.

If Gandhi is to be trusted, no attempt has been made till now from the party, but the MLAs from the party individually on many occasions have asked him to come back.

“Various, many, MLAs have asked to make peace with the party but, this is a non-serious attitude from the party, they didn’t asked me formally, yet” said Gandhi.

Taking a positive turn towards Khaira, Bains and Chottepur collaboration, Gandhi said, “Whosoever comes to me with positivity for Punjab, I will meet him open arms,  weather it is Simarjit Bains, Sukhpal Khaira or Sucha Singh Chottepur.”

Leaping forward on the topic, he said, “If a 100% understanding is maintained between us, we will merge our fronts, but even if the understanding is not, there we will keep on fighting for the rights of Punjab.”

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