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Gareth Bale would have been the happiest person as soon as the Cristiano Ronaldo exist saga started during last transfer window.

Ronaldo have had enough of the Spanish crap and he wanted to move away from the place let’s call it that, and move he did.

The left-winger cum striker is working for Italian giants, Juventus who are playing a very balanced thing after his arrival.

Everyone was thinking that okay, now that the Ronaldo’s ‘talism’ is over, Bale will have his way and will get the center-man’s role, but surprisingly he is not.

Bale is still suffering to get full 90 minutes on the pitch in the white shirt and young reason is Vinicus junior.

The young Brazilian is working well for Real, which means another forward acquaintance making life hard for the Welshman.

Real number 11 has been linked with both teams of Manchester in last few years, he would eventually leave just like Madrid’s last number 7, sooner than later.

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