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falling stars challenge

Right when the rumble around the Kiki Challenge was at death’s door, an entire new challenge has turned up in the social media.

The new challenge is much the same as the Kiki Challenge, and this one is also landing people in dilemma.

Netizens have been turned on by the new challenge called Falling Stars, which displays individual lying on the ground just as they have tripped.

Adding to this, you can see a cluster of things around them which are all prepared to appear like items have scattered out just when said person falls.

Apparently, the idea of this challenge is to show off one’s wealth.

The challenge came from Russia and is known as the “flaunt your wealth” challenge in Mandarin, according to South China Morning Post.

Meanwhile, the Falling Stars Challenge has put a woman into trouble in Shanghai.

The woman, who was trying to pose for the challenge, ended up being fined for a traffic violation.

So what do you think about the Falling Stars Challenge? Would you wish to try it?

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