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Aam Adami Party especially its Punjab unit is by and large funded by the Non Resident Indians, it is no secret.

NRI Punjabis love Sukhpal Singh Khaira that is a known fact too, so when AAP Punjab decided to make the murderous decision of suspending him, it was known that NRI will part ways with AAP.

And that happened, NRIs of Punjabi pulled back their support from the party, calling the AAP supremo, a traitor of Punjab and everything.

So, that Sukhpal Singh Khaira who was looking rather nervous after his and his wingman Kanwar Sandhu’s suspension from the party, after this huge economic boost, seem to have gained his lost confidence.

In a released statement he said, NRI rejecting the party is a tight slap right on the face of Arvind Kejriwal.

“NRIs have full trust in me, and I will never break the trust the NRIs are putting into me” said Sukhpal Singh Khaira.

The previous Leader of Opposition on this occasion declared that he and his followers will soon hold a protest for Punjab in which NRIs will be given important roles.

Coming back to the criticizing AAP head, MLA Bholath said, “Kejriwal’s dictatorial attitude is what ticked off the Punjabis in 2017’s elections and they are feeling betrayed.”

The question which looms large here is, without their financial backbone, how is Aam Adami Party planning to support their 2019 elections?

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