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New sensation of Punjabi music industry and Dhamak the Bass hit, Mukh Mantri released a devotional song yesterday under the title of ‘Khalse Di Car’ and Punjabis especially the Sikh section of the society.

Many people are appreciating this song on social media, more particularly on YouTube. The video has been overflowing ever since it was uploaded.

Comments were like usual, “Nice Song”, “Very Good”, “Singhan Di Chadayi” et cetera, but the ground shook when someone with the ID named, Parkash Singh Badal, five time Chief Minister of Punjab, commented under the video.

This is what the person commented;

The comment since then has been the laughing stock of the town, as Shiromani Akali Dal is suffering in politically in Punjab, giving Mukh Mantri a ticket doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

By the way here is the song;

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