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GoAir flight

The passengers of GoAir flight were irated on 4th November as they reached their destination from Srinagar to Jammu without their luggage.

One of the passengers traveling in GoAir flight, named Abdul Hamid, told, “We reached Jammu from Srinagar by Go Air flight G8-213 but the airline staff had not loaded our luggage.”

Some dozen passengers were asked to wait for their baggage, said Hamid.

A GoAir staffer told passengers that their baggage would be brought to Jammu by another flight of some other airlines which was scheduled to arrive later during the day from Srinagar.

Adding further, the passenger said, “After waiting for more than an hour, we have just been told to come and collect our luggage tomorrow.”

An e-mail address listed on the official website of GoAir for media queries bounced back while at the customer care call centre, an executive said that he was not authorized to comment on the matter.

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