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When stupid cafes with handbooks on the tables to read along rubbish coffee is charging like 200 bucks for a cup, there are still some places in Patiala which are keeping our pocket healthy.

One such place is ‘Apki Apani Rasoi’. This place not only saves a lot of money for you but the food here is Yum Too!

The food here, as per the owner of the place food is prepared with Desi Ghee, the rice used in the plate is especially Basmati.

As per Mahesh Inder Bansal the owner, he don’t even use the chili powder in his food but they only use green chili, so that people could eat nutritious food.

The best part in this whole thing is that after the meal you also get to eat ice-cream.

And the party doesn’t stop just here, after all this, you will also get a chair and a table to eat your food in peace.

Here is the great man, hear him and see how things are prepared;


This food station cooks for 700 people daily.

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