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Personal Space

Personal Space is one concept that is most heard and subconsciously used by human beings.

But the question arises , How can personal space be defined?

Personal space can be put into words as an indivisible space around an individual, when violated  makes one uncomfortable or offended.

To understand better it can be made analogous to the territory of an individual because when both are invaded it makes a human intolerable.

Just to ponder over another point – Is personal space quite same for all individuals in all situations or does it differ from individuals to various circumstances?

Personal space does has various factors and it is concluded by studies.

Gender is be a very important factor when talking about personal space.


Males and males have the highest distance between them followed by female female interaction.

Next, It is experimentally concluded that couples need the least personal space.


That is why it can be inferred with in a second about a male and female standing are love birds or normal friends are in conversation.

Males interacting with other males require the largest interpersonal distance, followed by females interacting with other females, and finally males interacting with females .


However it probably depends on the situation, or the relationship, or the age group.

Next, age is too a deciding  factor. Babies have least personal babies because may be they are so incapabale of doing their own tasks.

But when they grow in an adult, it tends to increase.

It can be said that personal space is learned as well may be vicariously or by conditioning.

There is a good hold of Personality variable as well.

Introverts tend to have more personal space than extroverts.

There is some evidence of personality difference but effects here need to be treated with caution given the situational dependence of traits.

Extraverted and gregarious persons tend to require smaller personal space, while cold and quarrelsome people require a larger interpersonal distance.


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