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Ex-Deputy Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha of Punjab Bir Davinder Singh has  today told a newspaper that MLA Dakha, HS Phoolka’s resignation is just a political stunt.

Singh said there are many loopholes in the resignation written by this senior advocate of the Supreme Court.

“For an advocate senior as Mr. Phoolka, it is really shocking, he by now should be knowing what to write and what to not, in a resignation”, said an amazed Bir Davinder.

Actually, the whole matter  caught more fire than it was already on, when political experts noticed that there were a lot names mentioned in his resignation.

The language of the resignation is very confusing too, and is hard to decode.

“He did this on purpose, I believe he has only framed a lousy resignation to give air to the political speculation” claimed Bir Davinder.

It has already been five days since, Harvinder Singh Phoolka submitted the infamous resignation of his.  First the public holidays and now the alleged loophole, HS’ resignation shall not be accepted.

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