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Liberal MP Raj Grewal

Brampton- Politicians has erupted after Canadian Punjabi MP Raj Grewal’s resignation.

Raj Grewal, who suddenly quit as a Liberal MP from Brampton, had said that the reason for his resignation was due to health problems and other personal reasons, but now in the political circles, there are talks of gambling that forced him to leave the office.

For this reason, Grewal has come under the purview of the authorities and they are investigating how he got money to spend in the gambling?

The Prime Minister’s Office has also confirmed the statement that due to excessive gambling, Grewal is passing through debt and mental distress and he is now seeking treatment.

A lawyer by profession, Raj Grewal (33) was first elected as a Member of Parliament from the East Brampton in 2015, and now three years later, people did not agree to his resignation from politics.

In February this year, during his visit to India with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he was in discussions due to many irregularities.

 MP Raj Grewal with canadian PM

This is also being monitored by the moral authorities. The Liberal Party nominated him for the 2019 elections.

Also, Grewal got married a few months ago.

Everyone was amazed when Raj Grewal suddenly spoke of resigning, but everyone was shocked to hear about gambling as a reason to resign, since Grewal was sitting in the office where the Punjabi students in foreign countries are dreaming to reach there.

(Harleen Sandhu)

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