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sexual assault

An elite Toronto high school is being rocked by a sexual assault investigation. The police are investigating and are warning about a recording of an attack that has been circulating on the social media.

Two serious incidents occurring in the washroom at this school of Toronto, a group of students aged 15 to 17 years with two alleged victims in this case and the acts apparently videotaped and then exchanged and passed around on social media.

Here are the various statements recorded under investigation –

Beginning with, Toronto Police Service, which said, “Anyone who has this video is in possession of child pornography. The video must be deleted immediately and cannot be shared.”

The school became aware of these allegations and issued a statement holding a school formal assembly to discuss this.

St. Michael’s College School, a Catholic boys’ private school said, “This week, to our shock and dismay, we learned of two incidents that were in clear violation of our Students Code of Conduct. The school has zero tolerance for such behavior.”

“We are deeply sorry that these incidents occurred. From this unfortunate situation, we redouble our efforts to educate and promote respect for others in the school and community,” the school added.

The Child and Youth advocate, the Police Child Exploitation Unit and the school, are investigating into this case.

The accused might be facing charges of sexual assault, forcible confinement and charges for distributing child pornography.

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