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Khanna: A youth from Bardhal, a village near Khanna, has committed suicide after jumping in the Bhakra canal. After which, the family members protested against the policemen, keeping his dead body in front of the Chowki, police station.

The family members of the deceased accused the police and said that Gurpreet was working on a petrol pump. Where the incident of theft occurred in Pimp in December 2017 and the owners of the pump had put Gurpreet on the head of the accused for stealing. Even then, the Chowki police tortured Gurpreet, but the police did not find anything.

Later, the policemen started harassing him which led that young man end his life due to mental harassment.
A case against the pump owner has been registered and the inquiry against the policeman has been handed over to the DSP.

Soon the incident, the owner of the petrol pump got absconded, and when contacted, he told the police that he is on a visit to Vrindavan with his family and will be able to talk to them only after h return.

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