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Stars are all glittery and shiny when we see them from a distance, but are quiet something else in real.

The same goes with this the reel life stars of our country.

When you see a singer on television, you must be getting all attracted with looks, but they were normal people like you and me once.

Do not trust my words? See these pictures of your favorite Punjabi singers, before and after getting fame.

Sardool Sikander

Post Money and Fame

Image result for Sardool SikanderPre-Fame and Money

Satinder Sartaj

Witht the money and fame


Image result for satinder sartaj

Before his songs were heard

Miss Pooja

Post Money and a lot of fame

Image result for miss pooja

Before she entered heart of every Punjabi

Debi Makhsoospuri

After becoming an inspiring writer and singer

Image result for debi makhsoospuri

When he was a young boy

Jazzy B

With the money and gold everywhere

Related image

Well, he was never a stranger to new hairstyles

Sharry Mann

The 3 Peg fame is quit a handsome guy now

Image result for sharry mann

He gained a lot of pounds comparing to this

Babbu Mann

He is an icon now

Image result for babbu  mann

Before “Tu Meri Miss India”, may be there wasn’t any night guard at his village back then, no Pind Paira

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