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A pregnant woman purportedly hanged herself at Katni town in Madhya Pradesh.

Laxmi Thakur (36) was found hanging from the roof of cowshed at her residence by her husband Santosh.

He called the police after seeing her in such condition.

When Sub-Inspector Kavita Sahani reached the spot, Laxmi was dead.

But she realized that there was something under her sari and found a baby boy dangling around her legs, still attached to umbilical cord.


Stunned by the scene, she without any delay called 108 (emergency number) and wrapped a cloth around the baby.

A gynecologist was called who cut the umbilical cord and right away released the child. The child was rushed to Katni district hospital.

Doctor at district hospital said,” The infant appears to be 8 months old, and is not premature. But still baby has a fine chance of survival.”

As the reason for suicide by the women, it appeared that she was fed up with the utter poverty in which the couple lived in.

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