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So, you have a successful business and an application to show that off, okay, now here are some different ways of promoting your application using application website and social media.

Also, if you have a mobile app and do not have a mobile-friendly application, your top priority must be to create a beautiful website for your application.

Having a site for your application will persuade people into thinking that your application is the real deal.

Here are some exciting ways of promoting your application using social media and website:

Social Media

At one time you can think of having an application without, but without social media promotion, there cannot be an application. There are two types of advancements when it comes to social media advertisement.

  1. Organic

This section of social media promotion includes making accounts on social media joining various groups and making many friends and then sharing information about your application. Make sure you are connecting to your audience and are not spamming them, for which you will be reported and be blocked.

  1. Paid

The cost per click is on its all-time low, which makes it an excellent option for the marketing of your application. The most popular platforms for application promotion have been, Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is an associate of Facebook which will work well for yours, as it will make placing and managing advertisement only easy.


  1. Inviting New Traffic

Unlike your application, your loyal readers and customers won’t be the only one reading your stuff.

With the help of SEO, guest postings and other website optimising tricks you will be able to attract tons of traffic onto your site which later you will be able to woo into downloading your application.

  1. Landing Pages

Landing pages are another brilliant way of bringing traffic to your website and making people download your application.

To make the definition easy, let’s see it this way; landing pages are like teasers of the things or offers you are going to launch in a short while.

This tool will create curiosity in your potential customers which will increase the traffic and eventually increase the sales.


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