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Despite of being one of the most played mobile games, PUBG is been held responsible for distracting students from studies.

Gujarat government has already issued a order to various primary schools towards banning PUBG Mobile in school premises.

Getting along with all this negativity, PUBG fans are hanging around on the battlefields of PUBG MOBILE with friends.

Recently, PUBG introduced new costume for Valentines with a tweet saying, “There is no room for love on the battlegrounds”.

However, for one of the early players in PUBG, the game played ‘cupid’.

PUBG is a cupid now

Nourhan-al-Hashish met his future partner in one of his regular matches in PUBG.

Their friendship turned into love over numerous games and Nourhan announced about his engagement on Twitter after they met on the fields of PUBG.

Last year Internet service provider Jana did a research for Quartz, the research concluded that around 46% of players in India uses PUBG’s Voice chat feature for not only game-play strategies but non-PUBG stuff too.

(Dapinder Kaur)

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