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Dalbir Singh was one of the many people who died in the horrific train accident of Amritsar. He left a widow with an eight year old girl child behind him.

But, this is not the only tragic fact that is cringing the hell out of the people of Punjab. Dalbir was a stage player, who used to play Ram in the very Ramleela that was smashed by the train yesternight.

After playing Lord Rama for good part of her life, just like any other actor, Dalbir decided to taste the darker side of his line.

He played Ravana this year, the all-wise, all-great, symbol of evil in Hindu mythology.

Sadly for the first time he stepped into the world of evil (of course figuratively speaking) he was pulled so far that now there is no chance of his return.

Dalbir’s mother has demanded that her daughter-in-law and fresh widow of Dalbir should be given a government job as compensation.


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