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prakash badal

The sacrilege incidents are not a big issue in Punjab whereas Balakot is a huge issue during general elections, said former Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal on Friday.

Addressing a rally in favour of Charanjit Singh Atwal, the Jalandhar candidate of SAD-BJP, Badal said that the Balakot strike was a huge achievement by the Modi government, but the desecration incidents were not an issue during these Lok Sabha elections in Punjab.

The Akali Dal has faced a lot of criticism over the desecration incidents and firing at Bragari and Behbal Kalan.

Replying to question of whether sacrilege and firing incident were an issue this election, SAD patron Prakash Badal said, “Hun eh koi mudda nahi” (now this is not an issue).

After his address at Kartarpur, Badal told media persons, “The Congress carried out the sacrilege. It attacked the Harmandir Sahib. Isn’t the attack on the Golden Temple desecration? Isn’t demolishing the Akal Takht desecration? Asi tan koi nahi kiti (Akali Dal didn’t do any desecration).”

Senior Badal, while referring to 1986’s Nakodar killings, said, “Eho jehe kand hunde rehnde hai” (such incidents keep on happening).

In the Nakodar incident that took place in the year 1986, four Sikh youths were killed while they were protesting against the five birs’ of the Sikh holy book (Guru Granth Sahib) burnt.

When asked about the Nakodar killings in 1986, Badal said, “Eho jehe kaand tan vekho maari gal hai, par eho jehe kand hunde rehnde hai” (Look such incidents are appalling but it keeps on happening).

Calling Modi government’s Balakot Strike a huge feat, Prakash Badal said, “Eh bahut vadda mudda hai. Modi sahib ne kita Balakot. Kamaal di gal kitti. (This is a huge issue in the elections. Modi carried out the strike and it’s a huge feat.)

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