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(Boney Bindra) Yes, in Punjab, yes in a school, yes students drank it.

The news is coming from Abohar of Punjab where the whole city is talking about one thing from last few days, ‘about that school which gifted Desi Daru to its students as probably a Diwali gift.

It can easily be the best dream an alcohol drinker can see, which just came true in Punjab, the school showing gratitude towards its hardworking students mixed ‘desi daru’ in the water tank of the institute.

Yes, for a particular amount of time, every tap of this school was pouring pure alcohol and somewhere a drinker’s mind just exploded after reading this.

Some naughty students and teachers might even have enjoyed the drinks but the cat came out of the blanket when some female students fainted after drinking the tap water.

Everyone got suspicious about the sudden fainting of so many students, it is after that the authorities decided to do something about it and the police was called.

The police then conducted a raid cum search operation and busted an unauthorized alcohol production racket, recovering 20 bottles of desi daru, 60 KG Lahn and other relating things.

Local police also verified that there are some traces of alcohol in the water tank of the school, due to which the students fainted.

Education Minister OP Soni in his most generic statement said, “I will mark an inquiry and the culprits will be punished soon.”

Earlier this year the Finance Minister of Punjab, Manpreet Badal has said that the Congress government is looking forward to generate revenue of 1,000 crore rupees from liquor only in this financial year.

But, there was no mention in his official statement about secretly lowering the age limit of the alcohol consumption in the state or serving the liquid in schools, via taps.

Although Punjab and Punjabis love to drink but this is not how anyone us imagined the thing will be handed over to the next generation.

Principal of the School Varinder Kaur said, as soon as she got the information she took care of the thing and informed the police.

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