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Guest Column/ Kanwar Sandhu

Global Punjab TV has been a household name among the Punjabis settled abroad, especially in North America for the last few years. Through my TV show, Hello Global Punjab, I have been able to connect with you all in your countries of adoption. I also have the privilege of connecting you through the show to your roots back home in The Punjab – thanks to the love and power of Punjabi, our Mother Tongue, which has no parallel. 

Since we live in the age of connectivity, we can’t be oblivious to the power and reach of the Internet and the social media. Today, Global Punjab takes yet another step; it is starting https://globalpunjabtv.in/ in English language. The obvious question would be: why in English?

That is because we all today live in a global village and immigration has become a way of life. Just as Punjabi is the language which connects us to all those of our affinity, English is the language that connects us to the rest of the world. Our humble endeavor also is to connect and have a bonding with our own next generation born and educated in foreign lands. For most of them, English language is part of their daily lives.

As a member of the Global Punjab family, I have the honor of writing this Guest Column.

The https://globalpunjabtv.in/ will give you the daily dose of news and views in various forms. Besides, it will endeavor to make a difference through discourse and discussion. Your views will be valuable. We want you all to express your view on various issues, be it politics, economy, world affairs, science, arts, sports, entertainment, human relations et al.  Don’t hesitate to write back – it is your space!

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