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(Boney Bindra) When the whole India is drenched into the #MeToo movement where women from the every corner of the country is coming out to fight sexual harassment, there still are some psychos, driven by lust who are not forgiving even the handicaps.

Today a heinous news flashed on the TV sets where a girl into her late 20s were gang raped by two persons in Jalandhar of Punjab.

Every rape is terrifying and is not justified,  but his one must shook the hell out of every person.

The alleged victim has already lost his left leg due to the polio that hit her in childhood.

She was so shaken from the whole incident that she couldn’t even speak properly, she was vomiting heavily, she was shaking, she was panting but the police didn’t care because the procedure must be followed.

Initially, the girl was kidnapped from the road a yesternight when she was returning after watching Ramleel with her sister.

“She had to leave me for some family business, it was dark and then came Raju and his friend who, forcefully stuffed me into their and took me to an unknown place,” claimed the rape victim.

She almost started crying after repeating the horror in her mind. After regaining control, she started again, “They then raped me there.”

Before hearing the victim let’s hear what police had to say about the case;

Now hear what the victim’s statement;

If I still have to explain what is wrong in the whole incident or how sick this sounds, it could be I guess degrading myself.

Are we the generation now which can rape someone as helpless as this girl here? Are we the generation which doesn’t have any heart of mercy at all?

Look at this poor thing and decide are we great or not?


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