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Indians and especially north Indians are no strangers to domestic violence. But, when it comes to Sikhs, we always pretend that we are untouched by this, well, we are not.

A female Sikh Model has reached out to media, seeking help against domestic violence.

As per Hardeep Kaur, her husband has been, beating her up since last 17 years and including her family, his family or the police, no one is helping her.

Crowned as the runner up of the Miss Amritsar, Global Iconic Face and after coming sixth at Miss Punjab competition, this is what the fate had in store for Kaur.

“I have been promoting Sikhism from as long as I could remember, but still no one came to my aid”, affirmed Hardeep.

Continuing the horrific tale, she said, ” He forbade me from stepping out of my own house, he beat me daily, this isn’t all after I have got very ill from the bearing injuries once, my husband prepared my death certificate ever since.”

Kaur also made a claim that her husband once during his cruel conduct has broken her nose’s bone, still police isn’t doing anything.

Where on the other hand, police claimed that it is a domestic quarrel and the husband has also filed FIR against Hardeep.

“We are looking into the matter,” claimed police.


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