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Like Punjab has not seen enough of the militancy already, there are people in this world who are set to bring back those days.

Sometimes, they will be targeting sacred books, they will be abusing our gurus, they will be distorting history or simply shooting people for following a particular religious personality.

The religious gang war going on between two religious groups of Sikhs (One being Dhadhryanwale group) in the state has seen the bloodshed earlier and at the end of this year, the gang war has again started.

Today during a special interview a Satnam Singh has made a claim that he has been attacked a few times since last year.

As per Singh, his family and he was attacked for the mere reason of them following the teachings of Parmeshar Dwar leader, and Sikh preacher, Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadhriwale.

Satnam affirmed that at the nigh of 7th November he was sleeping at his house, when some unidentified men knocked at his door.

“It was late at night and I sensed something is very wrong with them, I refused to open the gate on which they started abusing and opened fire at my door out of frustration,” claimed the Ranjit Singh follower.

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