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doug ford

Ontario – Once again, 4th annual Sikh Motorcycle Club of Ontario organized an annual charity gala where hundreds of Sikh motorcyclists came.

This year, the United Sikhs Organization was honoured for their global disaster relief work.

Earlier this year, in 4 states of Canada, Sikhs were allowed an exemption from wearing a helmet.

The success of this was contributed to the new Chief Minister of Ontario, Doug Ford.

doug ford

Let us tell you that among the 10 Canadian states, helmet exemptions have been granted to Sikhs in Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.

There are a large number of Punjabi people living in the province of Ontario and elections were held on June 7, 2018.

At that time, many Ford candidates came out in the Ford’s Progressive Conservative party and won their party.

The majority of Punjabis were behind their victory, and Doug Ford promised that after winning, they will free turbaned Sikhs from wearing helmets.

Doug Ford said that his late brother Rob Ford was also a big fan of the Sikh community and at times he used to talk about them.

“He would continue to support the community even further,” added Doug Ford.

Also the newly elected MLA Amarjot Singh Sandhu, MPP Sara Singh, Gurratan Singh, Deepak Anand, Brampton City Councillors Rowena Santos and Harkirat Singh, and Peel District School Board Trustee Balbir Sohi etc. were specially honored.

United Sikhs Canada Director, Tanbir Kaur said, “As humanitarians, we have a lot to be thankful for in 2018, including the prestigious award in recognition of our work presented by the Sikh Motorcycle Club.”

(Harleen Sandhu)

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