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sikh man attacked

A Sikh man, who is running for the city council in Australia has been racially under attack by an unknown man driving a truck, shouted racial slurs at a full-sized cut-out made from one of his election posters, as per media reports.

A Port Augusta City Council nominee, Sunny Singh said that a video on social media targeting his race is the first time he has experienced racism in the local community.

As quoted in a report, Sunny said, “I was a little upset and shocked because I’d never even seen this man before, never met him, I don’t know why he did it.”

Sunny was criticized in a video posted to a national trucking Facebook page.

Sam Johnson, Mayor of Port Augusta, said that he was shocked by the racism and violence in the video.

Johnson said, “Appalled, absolutely appalled, gutted, and outrageous – in today’s society, what would possess anyone to do that? Clearly a lot of effort was put into that.”

“The experiences I’ve had with our Indian community and multicultural community, they are very giving and community-minded,” Johnson added.

Meanwhile, Moroney Trucking, the trucking company identified in the video has been suspended as a service provider, as per reports.

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