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SIkh Youth UK leader

Sikh Youth UK leader Deepa Singh was released on Thursday, July 4, a day after his arrest and detention by West Midlands Police (WMP) in Birmingham on Wednesday.

Deepa Singh, who runs a group named Sikh Youth UK, was released without any charge, said Sikh Youth UK.

In a video message, Deepa said that the police had detained his sister and him.

38-year-old Deepa Singh said that they were expecting this sort of police action.

Referring to opposition to the WMP’s raids against Sikhs in 2018, Deepa said, “We were expecting this since the day we took stand against West Midlands Police.”

SIkh Youth UK leader

Terming the arrest and detention as ‘underhand tactics’ of the police and other government, Deepa said that the Indian agencies had influenced the United Kingdom authorities.

The protest and online campaign against harassment tactics of the WMP and against the arrest and detention of Jagtar Singh Johal will continue, said Deepa.

Further adding, Deepa said that their online campaign against WMP won’t stop.

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