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Sikhs For Justice

(Boney Bindra) Sikhs for Justice (SJF) label themselves as a human right group and they are pro-Khalistani, supposedly, pro-Sikh too.

But are they really working for the betterment of Sikhism? With the news of SJF getting nod from Pakistan to open their office in Lahore, India must be getting all anxious.

With the opening of Kartarpur Corridor, there will be more Sikhs flooding into Pakistan than ever.

The Paki-Angle

Everyone was shocked when the neighboring country of Pakistan declared that they are going to construct and open the famous, Kartarpur corridor for Sikhs.

Each person was thinking, what is there in for Pakistan? Sikhism doesn’t make much of difference in Paki elections, they are lesser than 1% of the population.

Some people were of the view that Pakistan could be doing it for the development of cultural and tourist sectors of country.

Another school of thought claimed that Pakistan was doing it for improving their image on international market.

International Market

For you folks who did not understand what, “international image” meant, it is the only image which at the moment counts.
Paki economy is not going  even near to the upside of the things. The money is hard to earn and the Muslim country’s only hope is getting money from abroad.

Indian neighbor’s representation in recent past took a nosedive when one after another many terrorist attacks took place inside the country and their own name was linked to notorious attacks like 26/11.

Osama’s last days at Pakistan also has made life hard for them in global market.

Under the shadow of all the incidents written above, countries around the globe are convinced that Pak is curbing terrorists which are killing thousands yearly.

No one wants to fund them anymore. So, one school of thought was of the view that they wants to do it so that they could be able to borrow money from foreign lands.


But, as per news in Indian media, Pakistan today has allowed the Sikh separatist group, Sikhs For Justice, to build their office on their land.

‘Referendum 2020’ demanders so now will open their office in Lahore.

Sikhs For Justice will now fan the anti-India sentiments during the visit of thousands of Sikh pilgrims from various countries, including India.


SJF and India have very tense relations, as both parties throwing not jabs but bitchslaps at each other all the time.

Indian and Punjab government as you can think, will never allow SJF to run their propaganda from Pakistan and that too when they are thinking that Khalistanis are rising in Punjab again.

So, under these circumstances, will they let the corridor to open?

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