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Lok Insaaf Party chief Simarjit Singh Bains is totally ready for the upcoming elections, he has been targeting every  big name in the business, he has been making headlines, busting rackets, mocking police and what not.

Most recently, he was in the news for buying drugs live on social media before turning the packet to police.

Today again the LIP head, targeted AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, saying that this same Kejriwal, who used to declare Congress bad, is now eager to form an alliance with Congress.

He said, “it is far from my understanding that Kejriwal was doing.”

Simarjit Bains had arrived in Khanna for a meeting with other activists including Manminder Singh Giaspura candidate from Fatehgarh Sahib of Punjab Democratic Alliance.

On the video of the advertisement of liquor being served at the Akali Dal rally, Bains had said that Akali and Congress are one and the same thing.

At the same time he said that if any of our candidates were found to be distributing drugs, s/he would be sacked.

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