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Punjab is going through a lot of crisis, there are so many of them that one cannot name them all nor all can be ignored. However, the biggest chaos that the state is going through is education or teachers.

Teachers are doing all sorts of stuff in Punjab, they are agitating they are starving themselves to death, they are dancing their heels off on the dance floor, an all-round performance.

Actually, recently, during a function organized at Punjab State Education Board’s (PSEB) auditorium, some teachers were caught on camera dancing on, “Bullet Tan Rakheya Patake Paun Nu”.

This video erupted quite a stir against the government and the workings of PSEB, which was sold like hotcakes by some Akali-loving-channels in India.

Today when the education minister of Punjab was asked about this, OP Soni said, “Workers were dancing in joy, and partying isn’t blemish.”

“PSEB is an independent body, but still we will enquire about the whole incident from the board’s chairman about this ‘Thumka Party’ of theirs” said Soni.

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