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When we said that Indian artists need to borrow some inspiration from Hollywood artists’ work, that never meant that they need to do exactly what they are doing.

However, the Jaguar hit, Sukh-E has done something very similar, it is labeled as a song but, Sukh-E’s Coka is nothing more than Koka.

Literally, he is repeating the word Koka in song so many times, that you are going to hate the word forever after listening to it.

The song is sung by Sukh-e, music is of Musical Doctors, Lyircs of the song and god knows why is given by Jaani.

Model of the song is Alankrita Sahai, who frankly speaking doesn’t really know what she is doing in the whole song at all, you can see her waiving arms here and there one in a while in that song and that’s pretty much it.

Video Direction of the song is done by Arvindr Khaira and choreographer of the song is Sahaj Singh & Shreoshi Steadicam.

Sukh-E’s this gem is launched by the Music Label of Desi Melodies and I wish I could say anything else than good luck, for hearing this song.

Here’s the song;

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