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(Boney Bindra) After yesternight’s political Tsunami, every fan and follower of the Aam Adami Party all around the globe was kind of hoping the things should finally rest now and the bits now should fall into right pieces.

At least the post meeting, press conference held by Member Parliament from Sangrur,  and MLA of Khrar indicated that soon they are going to call it a day and make peace.

Both Kanwar Sandhu and Bhagwant Singh Mann were looking happy on the screen, even the tones of the both speeches, by Mann and Sandhu were quite positive.

But, Sukhpal Singh Khaira went live again on his FaceBook page which is never a good thing, as far as the peace process is concerned.

After beating around the bush for like 7 minutes and 32 seconds, Khaira came to the real issue. ” With a huge grief I have to say, yesterday both groups, ours and Delhi’s had a meeting.”

From the above given reminder, Khaira started to discuss about his group’s meeting with Delhi group.

A betrayal can be sensed out of his voice, he continued with, ” I was hurt when I read the newspapers today, which reads, that before meeting us they have appointed some 14 new people on various posts and they did not even tell us.”

According to Khaira what the Delhi unit has done is “totally unfair and this is complete insincere attitude”, the new appointments.

Because of this “unilaterally” step by the Delhi group of AAP, as per Sukhpal Singh Khaira, they are going to do a Political Affair Committee meeting today.

In a total absurd suggestion, Khaira said, “When we announced our five member committee few days back they could have stopped all kind of appointments, even if they had to appoint people, we have the whole blueprint ready with us, many capable people.”

The first time MLA in the above statement almost directly conveyed that the party now have to accept people chosen by them on the  big positions.

Khaira even raised his concern about the distribution of MP tickets to five members of the party.

“If they are going to take all the decisions by themselves, what is the point of holding talks with us?” asked a furious Sukhpal Singh.

Bholath’s MLA also cleared that the AAP Delhi unit has to take back all the assignments, they have made till now.

Khaira even went on to saying that everything including LoP to Party President to the MP tickets, everything will be decided by the Punjab unit.

Now, this has shunned almost all the white gates of peace which were opened yesterday by the joint press conference of, Kanwar Sandhu and Bhagwant Singh Mann.


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