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Sukhpal Khaira one can assume that is in no mode of coming back into the Aam Adami Party Punjab.

On the recent shift of senior BJP leader and Union Minister Harmohan Dhawan to Aam Adami Party, Khaira criticized his previous party and head Arvind Kejriwal heavily.

This is actually the ninth party of Dhawan, who has the habit of shifting parties and not wining a lot of elections.

Dhawan has just won a single election in his last seven elections, anywho, Khaira actually was upset of the fact that the BJP leader joined the party to replace “a vibrant young Gul Panag”.

The suspended member of AAP Punjab declared that the recent switch of Dhawan in Aam Adami Party Punjab shows there is a lack of ideas in AAP.

Showing his concern regarding Gul Panag he wrote that replacing Gul Panag with an old beleaguered Dhawan for an educated city like Chandigarh is alarming.

He at the end of his tweet, urged all the “AAP Bhagats to have a field day trolling this wrong.”

This is his actual tweet;

“It also exposes how bereft is @AamAadmiParty of ideas that replaces a vibrant young @GulPanag with an old beleaguered Dhawan for a prestigious educated city like Chandigarh! I urge fake Aap bhagats to have a field day trolling this wrong”- Khaira

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