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Self claimed ad hock president of Punjabi Ekta Party, Sukhpal Singh Khaira recently have announced that indeed he finally he has got the summons from Speaker of Vidhan Sabha.

Rana KP Singh the speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha and PEP leader has been playing hide & seek since long, Speaker sahib has been claiming that Sukhpal Khaira is refusing to accept his summons, when Khaira has been saying total opposite of it.

Khaira was claiming before now, that he never received any letter from Speaker’s side and questioned the intentions of his haters.

However, later after the opposition parties started to question the intentions of the Speaker and started to accuse Congress of helping their previous worker, a public notice was published by Vidhan Sabha to call Khaira to Rana KP Singh’s office.

After which now, Khaira has accepted that he has “finally got” the summons, on 14th of March and he has been given a 20 day notice by  AAP to clear his stand on the matter.

As per some political experts, Khaira was avoiding the summons from Speaker, from a long time, just to make sure he stays on the MLA seat before the starting of 2019’s General Elections, so that if and when his MLAship is snatched away, he could contest at least for MP seat.

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