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jordan-syria border

The major border crossing between Jordan and Syria reopened after three years on Monday.

Around 8 am (0500 GMT), the gate was opened from the Jordanian side of the crossing as over a dozen police officers and customs officials stood nearby.

While numerous cars having license plates of Jordan queued on the Syrian side all set to arrive.

However, normal traffic will not be allowed right now.

The Syria-Jordan Border crossing was the main trade route before Amman, the capital of Jordan, closed it after the post was occupied by rebels in April 2015.

After the Syrian government military took back their side of the crossing in July under a deal with rebel fighters organized by Moscow.

After seven years of civil war, the government of Syria has recaptured vast swathes of territory from rebels with assistance from Russia.

Yet it still only controls about half the 19 crossing points with neighbors Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

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