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santity pad

A very bizarre incident took place at Punjab’s Abohar, where, as many as 15 girls were asked to strip, just because a soiled sanity pad was found in the toilets.

When the whole nation is fighting many fights, young girls of this nation are fighting the most important war of the century, ‘war of acceptance’.

Girls have to fight this fight on their own, no one can help them, men are  too busy discussing, Congress-BJP and government is too busy, changing the names of cities.

Let’s come back to this later, Punjab government today declared that both teachers involved in the case, has been suspended till the further investigation is completed.

Mind and hand behind this action is anticipated as of Captain Amarinder Singh’s, who in a tweet today expressed his disgust on the matter and the suspension.

The Whole Matter

The whole matter started when some female students of class VII complained that they were made to strip in school by two teachers who were checking for their menstruation cycle.

As per the complainants some students from class VIII met the same fate too.

The whole shambolic exercise took place inside school, so that the girl who threw a dirty sanity pad in the toilet.

Yes, these women actually checked the girls of 13-15 whether they were bleeding or not, the bar of sham in our country just dropped a bit more.

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