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Greatest post-independence Sikh soldier of the Indian Army, Kuldeep Singh Chandpuri, dies at the age of 77 today at Mohali’s Fortis hospital.

If you don’t know already he is the main protagonist of the famous Indo-Pak war of 1971.

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Chandipuri was the man who dared to take the stand against a flood of Pakistani army, with no more than 120 soldiers under his command.


Chandpuri was first highlighted by the multi-starrer blockbuster movie of J.P. Dutta, Border.

In the movie Chandpuri’s character was played by the ever-iconic Sunny Deol, who made sure that every person born after 1971 would remember the name of Brigadier Kuldeep Singh and his heroics.

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Chandpuri was born at Montgomery of erstwhile Punjab of India. He along his family moved to Chandpur Rurki of Balachaur, from where he gets his surname.

Kuldeep Singh was the only son of his parents and he was just 22 years old when he led the celebrated 23th battalion of Punjab Regiment.

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The eminent soldier left his three sons and his widow, behind him.

Singh survived two major wars, of India 1965 and 1971. He was also awarded Mahavira Chakra for his dauntless , he showed during the battle of Longowal.

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