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kuldeep maanak

(Boney Bindra) When I was writing this piece someone asked me, why are you writing this, I mean, there is nothing related to Kuldeep Maanak today, not his birthday, nor his death anniversary, then why?

I replied “Just call my jio number”, he did, my caller tune played, “Rah De Wicch Baithi Honi Boli Jaan Ke Duleya Ve Tokra Chukawi Aan Ke”.

He was shocked, “It is amazing stuff he said”. “That is the whole point,” my reply was, there are no specially assigned days to recall great  music, and there will never be.

Kuldeep Maanak was a walking culture in himself, whatsoever he sung is a heritage now, his songs were not some bullshit yapped on few musical instrument.

He can be hailed as one of the best, singer of the state of Punjab.

So here are some of the best songs of Kuldeep Maanak;

1.) Jaimel Phata

2.) Dulla Bhatti

3.) Jiona Maur

4.) Phatoo Yaar

5.) Waar  Banda Singh  Bahadur

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