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Chandigarh (Boney Bindra): After being sacked from the party allegedly due to his outspoken nature and spat with party loyal Dr Balbir Singh, Sukhpal Singh Khaira today did a press conference in Chandigarh and said that he would stay in the party.
“They will have to review the decision (of the dismissal of Khaira as LoP), they should do it!” said Khaira. He thanked everyone who is supporting him in this tough time of his, Akalis and Congressis too.
While questioning his removal he compared that some time back audio clip of an AAP’s member went viral in which he was abusing all the senior leaders of the party, no action was taken against him, but he was sacked, when he hasn’t done anything that heinous.
“I promise the people of Punjab that if this position is given to me once again, they will see the good old Khaira with the good old attitude” added Khaira.
I have been receiving support calls since last evening; people are saying “You were the Leader of Opposition; you are the leader of Populace now.”
Khaira demolishing all the speculations of him joining SAD or PPCC (Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee) said “Congress and Akali Dal, behind the curtain playing a mutual game and people need a change now.
Sukhpal Singh claimed that he was on the target of everyone ever since he became the LoP, the drugs related case which went to supreme court, is the prime example of it.
Talking on is fellow party men he claimed that it broke his heart when his own fellow party members started protesting against him.
Although he said, this convention is just to provide strength to the party, and he will stay in the Aam Adami Party for many coming years.
But confusing the media, he also said that like-minded people would come together to revive the grand old days of Punjab.
A hint of a new party was also given when he said: “chaos is a ladder and some good will come out of this chaos too.”
He declared that he would be at Maud tomorrow and he urged his supporters to join him there, which was the clear indication that Khaira now wants to show his fan following strength to the party.
Another similar meet cum strength show has been called at Bathinda on 4th of August. The ex-LoP, again and again, talked about and thanked the party volunteers, which is another indication that he wants to lure masses, for the purposes of strength show.
The political whispers have already started blowing in the dry streets of Punjab, that Khaira, Kanwar Sandhu, Bhagwant Maan, Manpreet Badal etc. will make a party in Punjab in upcoming days, the only question is, when?
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