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When the Universities, schools and apparently the government of Punjab itself is all keen on wiping Punjabi off the surface of the earth, there are people who are committed to keeping it alive.

One such person is Tejinder Singh Khalsa of Mansa, who is cycling throughout Punjab to aware people  about Gurmukhi Punjabi.

Khalsa was spotted at Jalandhar today on his cycle where he was interviewed by Global Punjab TV. When we asked him about his cycle tour, he said, “I have started this cycle tour of mine to aware people about our mother tongue, Punjabi.”

Tejinder Singh claimed that this tour of his started on 12th of October and this will go on till November first.

“I have covered all the districts of Malwa region, after paddling my way through, Ludhiana, Phagwada,  today I have reached Jalandhar” claimed a sweat drenched Khalsa.

If Tejinder is to believe, he stopped at every school on the way, every common discussion place (Sath) of village and he is teaching the Punjabis, Punjabi via his free language classes.

Singh is planning to Kapurthala, Taran Taaran, Amritsar and Ajanala to teach people pure Punjabi.

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