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nepal plane Crash

At least three individuals – the pilot of the plane and two police officers have died while three others were injured in a plane crash in Nepal, which is rated as one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

The plane swerved off the runway and crashed into a stationary helicopter at Tenzing–Hillary Airport or Lukla Airport.

Surrounded by mountains, the runway is short which makes it extremely difficult for landing and takeoff.

The reason behind the crash is still unknown. Officials say that the weather was good  and flights later resumed their operations.

Meanwhile, both damaged planes belong to companies involved in taking tourists, climbers and locals to the Everest region.

“I heard an explosion and ran towards the airport to see what had happened and there was smoke all around,” said one of the eyewitnesses.

Why the world’s most dangerous airport?

Located at an altitude of 9,333ft (2,845m), Lukla Airport’s one runway lies on the edge of a cliff with a 700m fall and the airport is often closed due to heavy clouds or strong winds.

Eighteen people, including 12 Germans were killed when an aircraft tried to land there in 2018.

In less than two years ago, two pilots did in similar conditions.

Only experienced pilots are permitted to land at Lukla Airport. An experience pilot must have made a minimum 100 takeoffs and landing on short runways like this and have worked in such conditions for at least a year in Nepal.

This year in February, seven people, including the India’s Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Rabindra Adhikari, were killed in a helicopter crash.

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