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The previous Leader of the Opposition of Punjab’s Vidhan Sabha, Sukhpal Singh Khaira was at Sanrgur today.


He was in the city to meet the Bachittar Singh, person arrested for allegedly trying to kill Sukhbir Singh Badal, when he threw a shoe on Badals as a symbol of protest.


“Amazing is the manner in which the action was taken, they were so quick in making the arrests and the registering of the FIRs that it gave the impression that Sukhbir Badal is still running the government,” said Khaira.


The Aam Adami Party MLA believed that it exposes the collaboration of Shiromani Akali Dal and Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee when, culprits of Bargadi shooting has still not being called once for interrogation but these people are being charged with the cases of attempted murder.


AAP rebel here also declared that if the police will not tone the sections down in this case, they are going to stage protest in upcoming days to prevail justice.


“You cannot have double standards in law, it have been three years since the Bargadi shooting, the FIR still says, unidentified people shot the protesters, nothing has been done and when it comes to Sukhbir then all went supersonic, how does that work?” asked a confused Khaira.


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